Can never get enough of flowers ….

I can never have enough of flowers .  When I  spotted this fabric in Liberty , I fell in love with  it  for its floral design and simply had to get it. I wanted to use  it in our guest bedroom in an unconventional way and thought of using embroidery rings to frame it and make something like a headboard. So about 2 evenings later I had our wall ready. I think it looks quite pretty . ( and hopefully more when we paint our walls a fresh white colour ) A lovely feast to the eyes each time I pass the room and  like I said …. can never get enough of flowers…..

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Glimpses from a walk

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Autumn in its Glory

This little stalk stood out from the rest of the tree which had almost lost all of its foliage . It stopped me in my tracks , the colour so stunningly vibrant, crying out loud for attention . Autumn in all  its glory !!!

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Trick or treat

It was so much fun today to open the door to giggly little kids , all dressed up to kill , literally !!! Adorable little devils who only wanted to be treated. It was so much fun making my autumn leaf cutouts and making our window display.

It is so much fun to adopt a new custom today  !!!!

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And then there was a party

Giant fringe garlands – a lovely backdrop to pose against.
 The first party at home. The occasion – a birthday. There was  a lot of nonsensical dancing , eating, fun and laughter.  I loved making those giant fringe garlands after seeing them on the blog

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Kicking off the celebrations in our new home….

ImageI love this time of the year. With autumn setting in and the crispness in the air, its time for the festivities to begin. In our home they start with Dusshera. A festival celebrated all over India in a big way .It signifies the victory of good over evil. Fond memories include a day off school, decorating with fresh mango leaves and marigolds, dressing up , eating jalebis  , and a favourite part was killing Ravan. ( the demon ) My mom would make a rice doll  which represented Ravan just like I’ve made in this picture and my brother and I would with a lot of excitement  break it with our feet ,signifying killing the demon.  It was fun when I was a child and now it  brings out the child in me and my husband. A tradition which we will definitely continue for all the years to come.

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Shades of autumn

Today we went walkabout  in our new neighbourhood. To try and catch some  shades of autumn – all of which  completely mesmerize me . And this tree against a clear blue sky with all its shades of orange just took my breath away. Such a beautiful feast to the eyes !

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