Creating Memories

Creating Memories

Bappa , Hanuman and Laxmi visit the Bluebell woods !


We did it again ! We created yet another beautiful memory for Dhruv and us . When he grows up , we want him to think of himself as the ‘ richest boy in the world ‘ Not so much for the worldly possessions that he will have … but for all the happy memories and enriching experiences we all had together . Its the best legacy we can ever give him ….. memories and experiences . So with this ethos in mind – off we set deep into the Bluebells woods on an adventure where Bappa and Laxmi would strategise and fight against Hanuman !!! The endless carpet of the Bluebells and the huge tall tree trunks stretching to the sky provided enough camouflage for strategising….. imaginations running riot !!!!
Its the best legacy we can leave him really… laughter and happy memories and rich experiences !
The pictures were taken by our dearest friend Atul Kshirsagar who lead us to a part of the woods which is very ‘ far from the madding crowd ! ‘

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