Creating Memories


We did it again ! We created yet another beautiful memory for Dhruv and us . When he grows up we want him to think of himself as the ‘ richest boy in the world ‘ not so much in terms of the worldly possessions he will have …. but it terms of all the fun , laughter and all the happy memories and rich experiences we will have had together .

So with this ethos in mind – off set Bappa (Dhruv ) Hanuman (Nilesh) and me (Laxmi ), all his favourite role play characters ….. on an adventure deep into the Bluebell woods .  The thick mesmerising carpet of these spring flowers and the seemingly endless trunks of the trees stretching high into the sky provided enough cover for strategising and battle !

Its the best legacy we can leave him really ! Beautiful memories and rich experiences !

The pictures were taken by our dear friend and avid photographer Atul Kshirsagar who as usual led us to a part of the woods which was very ‘far from the madding crowd !’

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3 Responses to Creating Memories

  1. Ali says:

    Such an amazing thought. These childhood memories will always stay with him forever. Will bring him so much joy and happiness. I feel good just thinking about that.

  2. Guess who! says:

    We have a similar memory of running to Millhouses park pretending to hide from the dinosaurs on the road ( the cars!)
    So every time a ” dinosaur ” came , all 3 of us ran to hide behind a tree
    Trees had magical powers so even if u touched one, the dinosaur couldn’t harm you!!
    Still vividly remember the shocked faces of some car drivers, lol

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