This is it and it is perfect !!

IMG_1202Life has been a whirlwind off late !! With a lot of deep introspection , lifestyle changes , challenges , ups and downs !!! All self imposed and all so we can live our lives in the true sense of the word!  And to think it all began with this one little creature entering our lives 3 years ago ! When life took on an entirely new meaning and did a 360 degrees turn !!!!

Right now as I stop to reflect on this rollercoaster ride that we both have embarked on , I am filled with immense  gratitude ! Gratitude for everything we have beginning with this beautiful moment right now when the sun is shining early morning  , the birds are chirping and I breathe in the  fragrance of flowers gifted by a dear friend . I am filled with excitement and antipation for everything that is to come , and I want to stop and embrace this moment for its grace and perfection! This moment right now as it is , is perfect !!

And as I surge forward again back at the helm of our ship , I want to remind myself to stay grounded . To remind myself  of the ethos of our  family – to provide our little person with the simple pleasures of life – happiness, laughter and create beautiful memories and experiences !! And live and celebrate each moment together !



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2 Responses to This is it and it is perfect !!

  1. Ali says:

    And these are the perfect moments that make life so worth living. May we all be blessed with many such moments of beatitudes.

  2. Prachi Jawdekar says:

    So beautifully written! Very true Mansi!

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