Of a summer gone by ….

These are stunningly gorgeous gorgeous poppy fields our friends (Smita and Atul ) discovered last year and shared with us. It was such a beautiful sight and quite an experience to walk through this carpet of red . And then of course Nilesh couldnt resist a bit of a Bollywood style romance in the field. (the person walking away in the last picture is actually the villan leaving feeling dejected after his failed attempt to jeopardise our relationship !!!! )

We tried so hard to find fields near home again this year. We did spot a few in the distance but couldnt get up close and what with the constant rain , it was just not possible this year. I feel a bit disappointed actually as I want it to be a yearly ritual with the bluebells, rape seed fields, poppies , heather and whatever else there is. But then , not to loose hope , it will be spring again , flowers will bloom again and there will be new fields to romance in again , for sure !!!

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One Response to Of a summer gone by ….

  1. Smita says:

    Yes Mansi …. The poppy fields was an amazing site . Strange that we cud not spot even a single one this year. We were lucky with the rapeseed fields though …. Thanks to nikki

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