There’s history for me in this tree

This is a tree that my mother planted in the year 1973 in my grandparents home in Bombay. What she planted as a small sapling is now a huge gigantic tree laden with fragrant flowers that flower year after year. It  rises high next to the  buildings nestled in its shade. It was humbling and sublime to take pictures of this tree. I felt very proud to be standing beneath it and to be able to pluck its flowers(from the terrace !!) and revel in their fragrance. It’s a legacy that my mother has passed on to us and many more generations to come. Hopefully an action I will repeat in some part of this planet.

(The flower is called Chapha in Marathi my mother tongue and possibly Plumeria in English. And only someone who has seen it and knows it will be able to appreciate this flower , known for its beautiful fragrance . )

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