The Gulmohar

A Gulmohar tree no matter how common is just so grand. A beautiful sight that can easily be taken for granted. Its bare trunks reach up for the sky , its branches lush with tiny green leaves and are heavily adorned with its flamboyant orange flowers . Always such a soothing site to spot these trees amidst high rise buildings in the concrete jungle that is Bombay. And what with the monsoon their beauty is elevated to just another level.

A lot of my important childhood memories attached to these trees. Endless hours spend playing under them , climbing them , with their leaves and with their flowers. (sword fights with their stamens, making nails with its sepals) And even today as we get driven through the winding lanes of Bombay in its traffic and I look out of my window and spot a tall magnificent Gulmohar tree adorned in all its glory nestled amongst some buildings , I feel happy and want to appreciate it.

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2 Responses to The Gulmohar

  1. Smita says:

    The majestic gulmohar……. Beautiful …… Absolutely loved the photos

  2. What about krop cofficient gulmohar

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