I’m off I’m off … To my home … To Bombay ….

20120531-090443.jpgI m off I’m off to my home to Bombayyyy. What it means to me … Being pampered , being spoiled for choice , fights with my brother , catching up with old friends , probably having the same reassuring conversations again and again   , shopping and window shopping , wearing the teensiest shorts ever and feeling the warm wind on my bare legs , praying and hoping for the first monsoon , the fragrance of the earth wet from its first rain, walking through each puddle on the way home and feeling thrilled if you get wet , Gulmohar trees and Bougainvilleas , street food , loud conversations , being called aunty !!!! traffic , hearing the Mumbai slang which is like music to the ears , Colaba causeway , Cottage industries , Nallis , some very angry people , some very warm smiling faces, flowers – lots and lots of fragrant flowers maybe a trip to the Dadar flower market and maybe maybe a huge majestic elephant swaying down the road . And last but never the least an immense amount of warmth and positivity that I will harness from all those around me , which will stay with me long after I’ve gone back ….

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