A new space created at home

Yesterday , as the sun was shining down in all its glory, I created a small little outdoor space in our home. A bit of tinkering around and I planted a few saplings in the hope that they would flower and give us something beautiful to rest our eyes on ,a lot of happiness and make us drunk on their fragrance.

My inspiration for this has always been my mother. All the flowers I try to grow are an attempt at reproducing whatever she grew in her garden in India. One thing stands out particularly distinctly in my memory . At the end of each day , just before it was time to retire to bed, she would spend a few quiet peaceful minutes in her garden. Taking in all the beautiful scents , under a moonlight sky and enjoying every minute of it. I still remember how happy she looked. ( She still continues to do that although its more of a green balcony garden now )

I guess from that stems my desire to spend as much time as possible in this space . To revel in its beauty as long as its lasts. To stop and smell the flowers as in this case.

Hence that explains the breakfast outdoors today morning. Enjoyed each minute of it as I let my gaze rest of them .

And hopefully dinner to follow tonight.

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