The majestic horse !

Ever since I’ve been immersed in the blogs  and , I’ve realised how much I love Indian decor, artefacts, fabrics, flowers … everything actually. Its something I’ve let myself forget for sometime . And suddenly I feel like something deep within me has come alive again , an old passion reignited . So to celebrate I quickly put together this little assembly of things I’ve bought from or related to India.

The most important here to me are the horses in the frame . I truly believe they look majestic. This is simple gift wrapping paper that I bought in in Mumbai. ( I loved this paper very much when I saw it . But for some silly reason I didn’t buy it. It stayed on my mind so much that I dragged my friend back there exactly a year later !!  in the scorching sun for this single  sheet of paper.) I couldnt imagine using it as gift wrapping , I always wanted to frame it which I did.

The flowers are one of my favourite ever flowers. I wish I had the real ones here. I’ve always loved picking them off the ground to breathe in their fragrance.

The bells I’ve collected in India and have kept them for years…. and the lamp though not bought in India is made there.

Now I just cant wait to scout around for ideas and things to shop on my eagerly awaited short trip back home. I know I will come back inspired .

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One Response to The majestic horse !

  1. limonana says:

    beautiful horses! they are majestic :o)

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