I’ve been inspired ….

As the sun sets on yet another day , my heart which for a while lacked any inspiration is suddenly brimming with hope and promise for new possibilities  and ideas.  And I have to thank the world of blogging for it ! It is such a big wide world out there!! I love stumbling on new blogs, new ideas , perspectives . And the flow of creative energy never fails to give me a high !  Today its 2 new blogs-  My dream Canvas (http://mydreamcanvas.blogspot.co.uk/) and An Indian Summer (http://anindiansummer-design.blogspot.co.uk. )  I just can’t get enough of them and I havent even started . And although I thought Id probably feel lonely, what with Nilesh having gone to India, I’m not !!  I ‘ m lost  in my own dream world of these blogs  ( which I mostly am in anyways even when  Nilesh is  here and he just lets me be ) collecting thoughts and  loving it…..

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