A blast from the past…

A few days back we were  part of a fancy dress party at house of a very dear couple . I decided to go as a world war 2 fighter pilot and Nilesh as a drug lord. I enjoyed myself so much and was so much in sync with the character that I refused to let go off the cigarette (  don’t smoke but just absolutely love holding a cigarette, much to the annoyance of friends who do cause I’m wasting a precious one ) or get out of the clothes. I even have a story about it. Here goes ….

Introducing …. Me                                         ( as the World War 2 fighter pilot )

Introducing …. Nilesh

                               ( as a drug lord operating close to my base )

Who then falls in love with me ,tries to charm me  but I take in all the adulation .. and flirt and tease

                                 But then after a lot of wooing …. I give in

(kindly note Nilesh ‘s hands all wobbly from the kiss )

And in the end ….

                                            We live happily ever ever after…..

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