An experience to remember

An experience in life goes a much longer way than a day spend shopping.  With this in mind and knowing Nilesh’s passion for cooking and his love of being hands on for most things, I decided to gift him a day out at the River Cottage –  ‘A make and bake day ‘. Where you learn to make a clay oven and bake in it. We are both fans of the programme watching runs , reruns  and reruns.  On the day we were quite taken in by all that  we saw – their tractor with a trailer which came to pick us up, their headquarters nestled at the foot of hills, the vegetable gardens we could recognise from their shows, the white river cottage building which dates back to the 1600’s , eating  ‘straight out of the oven melting in your mouth’  pizzas ,  even their temporary set up post the fire with its quaint and rustic decor and the rolling hills of Devon on display with a magnificent view . ( which could have been better weather permitting). What was particularly inspiring was to be amongst and to learn from people who were in complete sync with their surroundings and who  seemed to be ,  most importantly doing what they loved.  For sure we look forward to getting our hands dirty with sand and clay to build our own oven and then some great pizza parties to follow. Yet another addition to the list of must have’s in our new yet to be found home.

(that’s us at the end of the day proudly holding our baked breads ready for the ride back up the hill behind that  hugely magnificent tractor)( thats my bread pre baking )

( post baking )

( we did do some work !! what we all made together – a smaller version of what the oven should be like )

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