Setting out on a new adventure ..

Nilesh and I are soon to embark on our very own exhilarating adventure. The journey and hunt towards finding our very first dwelling.  I am full of dreams and aspirations and my mind buzzes with ideas about how I would like to decorate our  home. Definitely with a lot of love , tenderness and a touch that is personal and reflective of my passion for it. As overwhelming as it all might seem I  want to stay grounded and not let myself be swallowed up by emotions.(the most difficult part and easier said than done , but then I guess that’s the fun of it all ) As bumpy as the ride might be I want to take it in my stride, enjoy it, learn from it and come out wiser. And for sure we will one day step into a house which will feel like it is ours , always was , as if we belong there . And if it is meant to be , we shall have it. What I look forward to most is that sweet peaceful  slumber when we first sleep there and then getting up the next day with a heart brimming with hope and promise for the days to come. I shall wait for it all …. eagerly .!!! ( I was going to write patiently first but that is so just not me !!!!)

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