A long time muse turned into reality…

This has been my muse for a long long time. You know those blissful days of childhood when you don’t have a care in the world and   all the time  possible , I’ve spend many an hour staring at it for ages , tracing and retracing its design. Its wall art made by my dad , is more than 30 years old and has adorned and been the centre point in the living rooms of all the houses we’ve lived in. I still have a vivid memory of him working on it and can still feel the atmosphere – how charged and electric it was.

Its from here that I got the inspiration to try and make some sort of wall art for our house myself .  I was always on the lookout for something that would spark my imagination. Then I spotted this huge probably  wrought iron wall art in some obscure corner in Luzern, and just completely fell in love with it.

(If you look closely I m all starry eyed in this picture which is what always happens to me when I see something inspiring and my head is buzzing with ideas. )

So I had my muse and I dreamt about it … Till after a lot of dreaming I ended up trying to replicate it on silk. ( I dragged my dad to choose the silk as it was important for me that he be a part of the process. )And now we have 2 – one in my parents home in India and the other at our place .

The original I think surpasses what I ve made in most aspects but I completely enjoyed the whole process of dreaming,being very passionate about what goes into making our home and finally turning it into a reality..

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