Thoughts that linger…..

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi 

Of all the sayings doing the rounds of the net these days , this one has stayed with me much longer ….So much so that I want to consider framing it for our house and add it to my bank of thoughts. Possibly also because I am trying to imbibe it.  Starting this blog is an example. So are other endeavours like signing on for the ‘Do what you love ‘ ecourse ,(information about this course can be found on the blog site- Do what you love . I was completely taken in !!) committing to try and do some philanthrophy. I do not  know about the results but I am letting myself be slowly led towards what I love doing and am enjoying it and hopefully I shall not be lead astray…..

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One Response to Thoughts that linger…..

  1. Neha Anand says:

    Rumi is gorgeous!! I love these words too… And I’m so glad to read stuff written by u. When I opened ur blog, I knew the maid n the cook weren’t coming in for the day n I was a little mind fried. But as I read it, I smiled n my mind eased out. Thank u!! U have always had that calminf effect on me n u have ALWAYS made me smile! Here’s to more smiles. Love

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