Its spring in our lounge

Ever since I saw  hyacinths on this blog I sometimes read ( I’ve wanted to try it myself. So imagine my excitement when I got up one morning and looked out into the garden to see 3 hyacinth bulbs which seemed to have sprouted on their own in a patch. So I didn’t waste time assembling it all together. I just hope they flower and the cute little chick has some flowers to share its space with….

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3 Responses to Its spring in our lounge

  1. chinch says:

    I love hyacinth bulbs, I had one for over two years once it flowers and goes to sleep.Let the bulb dry out and place it in a dry place and reuse it again next year. Love the painting in the backdrop.


  2. Yes I love hyacinths too , I wish they would last longer though. I ve had a few outdoors but this is my first attempt at indoors . Especially since they look so beautiful in the blog I mentioned. Will remember to do what ou’ve said. Talking about hyacinths in the spring, I wonder if you ve ever visited Salisbury at this time of the year. They have flower beds with hyacinths this time of the year and they are stunning!

  3. soumil says:

    yes..i love hyacinths too… they are absolutely lovely. the aroma and the wonderful colours make my heart sing with joy.. 😉

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