Live Life Kingsize !!!

Live life kingsize, live it to the fullest, make the most of everything and never ever waste a glorious sunny day!! These are a few principles I have learned and imbibed from Nilesh. And so even before we spoke today I knew that we were going to have our first barbecue of the season. No words exchanged , no time wasted! It involved a bit of rearranging of pots with freshly sprouted spring flowers (this is my first attempt at spring flowers so am quite excited about them ), quick marination of chicken kebabs with his secret ingredients, fresh ginger lemonade and with the sun still shining – lo behold we had a grand party for two and enjoyed it to the fullest!!!


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4 Responses to Live Life Kingsize !!!

  1. Ruta says:

    Sounds absolutely fab — I’m convinced it’s summer
    With all that’s going on around me, I agree that “seize the day ” should be everyone’s motto
    What a brilliant weekend , went for a walk in peak district and later another one with a dear friend . Today rushed to Millhouses park in between ward rounds and evening clinic for an ice cream ….

  2. Supriya says:

    Lovely pictures.. Spring is in the air.. XO

  3. My first comments …. Thank you

  4. chinch says:

    Delicious. Love the blog and look forward to reading more M.


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