Creating Memories


We did it again ! We created yet another beautiful memory for Dhruv and us . When he grows up we want him to think of himself as the ‘ richest boy in the world ‘ not so much in terms of the worldly possessions he will have …. but it terms of all the fun , laughter and all the happy memories and rich experiences we will have had together .

So with this ethos in mind – off set Bappa (Dhruv ) Hanuman (Nilesh) and me (Laxmi ), all his favourite role play characters ….. on an adventure deep into the Bluebell woods .  The thick mesmerising carpet of these spring flowers and the seemingly endless trunks of the trees stretching high into the sky provided enough cover for strategising and battle !

Its the best legacy we can leave him really ! Beautiful memories and rich experiences !

The pictures were taken by our dear friend and avid photographer Atul Kshirsagar who as usual led us to a part of the woods which was very ‘far from the madding crowd !’

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IMG_0348The joys of Spring – Walking early morning on ‘ dew kissed grass ‘ searching for new life in the garden -some  lush tender leaves here ,  some buds there … a new twig sprouting somewhere …. all to the sounds of the birds chirping in the background !  Can’t help but marvel at the miracles  of nature . Fills me ‘ hope ‘ for all that is to come and immense ‘gratitude ‘ for what I have .

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This is it and it is perfect !!

IMG_1202Life has been a whirlwind off late !! With a lot of deep introspection , lifestyle changes , challenges , ups and downs !!! All self imposed and all so we can live our lives in the true sense of the word!  And to think it all began with this one little creature entering our lives 3 years ago ! When life took on an entirely new meaning and did a 360 degrees turn !!!!

Right now as I stop to reflect on this rollercoaster ride that we both have embarked on , I am filled with immense  gratitude ! Gratitude for everything we have beginning with this beautiful moment right now when the sun is shining early morning  , the birds are chirping and I breathe in the  fragrance of flowers gifted by a dear friend . I am filled with excitement and antipation for everything that is to come , and I want to stop and embrace this moment for its grace and perfection! This moment right now as it is , is perfect !!

And as I surge forward again back at the helm of our ship , I want to remind myself to stay grounded . To remind myself  of the ethos of our  family – to provide our little person with the simple pleasures of life – happiness, laughter and create beautiful memories and experiences !! And live and celebrate each moment together !



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Spring has sprouted


20130216-112116.jpg. It has been spring in my heart for a while as I dreamed and mused of clear blue skies and flowers and birds chirping . But now it truly has sprouted ! ( a bit early though maybe !!!) All of the earth is yet to awaken , many leaves and buds are yet to come to life . But those few that have sprouted bring with them such hope , Joy and promise of the happy days to come .

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A new restaurant in town….


We’ve opened in our back garden what my husband likes to call a ‘ birdie restaurant ‘ for all the birdies in town . It was kicked off by a feisty. little robin who didn’t like any of the other birds sharing his new found treasure . Soon outnumbered though, we now have a steady and regular stream of our daily chirpy visitors . They ‘ ve become a part of our lives now , these little birdies . And we ‘ve spend many a Saturday mornings enjoying their flurry of activity . And what they ve definitely done for us is add to the homeliness of our ‘ home sweet home ‘.

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Styling a vase

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Diwali ….

Images of Diwali from our brand new home.

Although we don’t live in India , we try to leave no stone unturned to capture the essence of this beautiful festival and all that it means to us. The preparations start a few days in advance by making a loads of sweet and savory food by my very overenthusiast of a husband .And then on the big day  there is getting up as early as possible ( before the crack of dawn ideally or according to folklore you go to hell !!! well I’ve gone to hell in quite a few years  !!!!!) a mini oil massage, scented bath,gorging till you burst on all the food we ‘ve made and of course lighting the whole house up . It is after all the festival of lights! Dressing up in our best clothes and lighting lamps all around room by room.  The best part for me is always when  in the end everything around comes aglow and I cant help but be overcome by a warmth happiness  and gratefulness for having celebrated this festival which signifies the victory of good over evil to the hilt. !!!

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